Fire Officer I
Major Code: 613C

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is designed for those wishing to pursue a career in fire science as an officer.

Course Requirements42

  • FSC105 Basic Operations Firefighter Module A4
  • FSC115 Basic Operations Firefighter Module B4
  • FSC118 Basic Operations Firefighter Module C4
  • FSC120 Hazardous Materials Operations3
  • FSC125 Advanced Technician Firefighter4
  • FSC140 Fire Apparatus Engineer4
  • FSC150 Vehicle and Machinery Operations3
  • FSC160 Tactics and Strategy I3
  • FSC170 Fire Science Instructor I3
  • FSC215 Technical Rescue and Vehicle Operations1
  • FSC220 Fire Inspection and Prevention3
  • FSC231 Fire Science Administration I3
  • FSC232 Fire Science Administration II3

Program Total42

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.