Paraprofessional Educator
Major Code: 594A

Certificate of Achievement

The core courses in this certificate provide students with a basic knowledge of the American educational system, an under­standing of the roles and responsi­bilities of paraprofessional educators, and an opportunity to develop proficiency in assisting classroom teachers.

Course Requirements30

  • DIS101 Disability in Society3
  • ECE115 Child Growth and Development
    Child Psychology
    Adolescent Psychology3
  • EDU100 Strategies for Paraprofessional Educator3
  • EDU200 Introduction to Education3
  • EDU202 Clinical Experience in Education3
  • EDU205 Introduction to Technology in Education3
  • EDU210 Educational Psychology3
  • EDU220 Introduction to Special Education3
  • MTH201 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I3
  • PED211 First Aid and Emergency Care3

Program Total30

Note: Proficiency credit is limited to 15 semester hours for this program.

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.