Automotive Technology
Major Code: 710A

Associate in Applied Science

The Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) provides students with a background in the various phases of automotive technology. It gives students the necessary skills to seek employment in areas indicated in the automotive Certificates of Achievement. In addition, it provides the fundamentals necessary to work as a lab technician. The degree is generally accepted at four-year schools that also offer an automotive degree leading to jobs in sales, service, research and development and education. This degree and the automotive technology certificates prepare the student to take certain ASE certification tests sponsored by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The program is a master ASE certified training program and a master NATEF certified program.

General Education Requirements15

  • COM100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication or
    COM121 Communication in the Workplace3
  • ENG101 First Year Composition I or
    ENG152 Business Communication 3
  • ENG102 First-Year Composition II or
    ENG153 Technical Writing 3
  • Mathematics elective3
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences elective3
  • Note: Transfer students should consult with Counseling to select electives

Major Program Requirements - First Year26

  • AUT100 Maintenance and Light Repair2
  • AUT110 Engine Service I3
  • AUT111 Automotive Power Trains3
  • AUT112 Automotive Brake Systems3
  • AUT113 Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems3
  • AUT120 Engine Service II3
  • AUT122 Automotive Suspension and Wheel Alignment3
  • AUT123 Automotive Ignition Systems3
  • AUT124 Automotive Fuel and Emission Systems3

Major Program Requirements - Second Year24

  • AUT116 Automotive Service Adviser3
  • AUT231 Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles3
  • AUT232 Advanced Brake and Suspension Systems3
  • AUT233 Applied Automotive Fuels and Electricity3
  • AUT240 Service Shop Operations3
  • AUT243 Advanced Engine Control Systems3
  • AUT245 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning3
  • AUT246 Automotive Accessories and Diagnostics3

Total Semester Hours for Degree65

Note: All students enrolled in the automotive technology program are required to provide their own hand tools, safety glasses, protective clothing and safety shoes. A list of specific requirements for the program is available from the Dean's office and is distributed to students the first week of classes.