Career Programs

Whether you're looking to gain job-specific skills for an entry-level position or want to advance your career with a specialized college credential, our career programs have something to offer you. Certificates of Achievement can often be earned in less than two years and require only career-specific coursework. Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees usually take two or more years to complete and combine career-specific coursework with some general education requirements.

Instructors who have worked in the field that they're teaching bring real-world examples and expertise into the classroom. Plus, many of these programs feature extensive hands-on practice using the latest industry equipment.

Need Skills But Not College Credit?

If you are looking to gain a very specific job skill quickly without any college credit, Workforce Development can help.

Need help choosing a Career?

Choosing a career can be complicated. To help you get the information you need to make the right decision, we host Career and Technical Education (CTE) events.

CTE Showcase - Get the Facts
Get more detailed information about the specific programs you’re interested in. These sessions include facility tours and faculty talks, along with information focused on program admissions and career prospects.

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