Registering for Services

In order to receive any academic accommodations at the college, students must be registered with the Access Center. Students may register with the center at any time during their Waubonsee career.

Prospective students seeking to use accommodations at Waubonsee should first complete the regular enrollment process. Upon receiving an X-number, students can access mywcc and download a full Access Center application packet or request one from the Access Center.

Steps to Becoming an Access Center Student

  • Complete the Access Center Accommodation Request and Disability Information Form (available on mywcc)
  • Schedule an intake meeting with an Access Center staff member
  • Submit documentation to support your accommodation request (i.e. doctor's paperwork, psychological report or evaluation from a clinician or high school psychologist)
  • Receive your Verified Individualized Services Accommodations & Academic Adjustments (VISA3) agreement from the Access Center and receive training on assistive technology and services


Access Center for Disability Resources

Sugar Grove Campus

Student Center, Room 201

(630) 466-7900, ext. 2564

(630) 405-6110 Video Phone

Fax:  (630) 466-4649