Workforce Development: Stronger Skills for Better Business

Most people wouldn’t guess that a community college would have an entire branch dedicated to helping local business owners thrive. But at Waubonsee’s Workforce Development department, that’s precisely what they do. Through a wide selection of noncredit courses, seminars, workshops, and customized training options, the department provides expert instruction to promote the personal and professional growth of both employees and employers – so everyone wins. Employees enhance their job skills, and business owners reap the benefit of a more efficient, effective staff. Not a bad return on their investment!

The Professional Development division of Workforce Development manages a wide range of low-cost, short-term educational opportunities geared to enhance knowledge, efficiency and career skills quickly. Available to both individuals and companies, popular course topics include computers, health care, administrative training, licensing, certification, construction, manufacturing, warehouse management, maintenance, quality and safety.

However, some businesses have highly specific needs that require additional attention. That’s where the Customized Training division comes in. Providing on-site training for area businesses, these services are available around the clock – and the curriculum is tailored to the company’s request. Like Professional Development, Customized Training handles everything from computer basics to high-tech industrial work. 

In keeping with Waubonsee’s commitment to promoting the success of the small business community, the department houses an Illinois Small Business Development Center, which offers affordable, step-by-step guidance regarding management strategy, financial planning, marketing, information technology and accounting through one-on-one counseling and seminars. 

Another distinctive feature of Workforce Development is the department’s partnership with the Illinois Community College Training Resource and Information Network (weTRaIN), the largest networked provider of customized workforce training services in the state. Because of this partnership, if the college is looking for information on a certain curriculum or needs an expert trainer, they simply send out a request, and within minutes, they can access the best-of-the-best in Illinois.

Workforce Development has also been a key player in building up the local community by enhancing the job skills of those who are currently unemployed, as well as incumbent workers searching for a better job and a better salary. The department has also been participating in Waubonsee’s sustainability efforts, offering area businesses eco-friendly training courses in wind power and energy efficiency.