Fall Courses — Ready for You and Guaranteed to Run!

Keep in mind

Enrollment is required to register. Remember that you can begin the new student enrollment process at any time. You'll have a few steps to complete prior to course registration, so don't wait!

When you're ready to register, follow our tips for registering.

With planning, you can prepare for any four-year major at Waubonsee. Suggested degree pathways have been built for a variety of possible majors, and listed below are the recommended first-semester schedules of those pathways.

Within each of the five core courses listed for each major, choose the option that works best for you and your schedule. Use the radio button to highlight your choices and the CRNs you'll need to register. 

Bonus — each of the courses listed here is Guaranteed to Run (G2R). That means the course will NOT be canceled for any reason, so no worries about having to change up your course schedule at the last minute. But don't wait until the last minute to register for these — they're guaranteed to run, but you're not guaranteed to get a spot! View all Guaranteed to Run (G2R) courses.

Note — if these course options do not fit into your schedule, that's ok. Find other sections of the core courses for your major using our online course search. Or, work with an Admissions Advisor to choose other courses that can still help you meet your educational goals.

View guaranteed sample schedules below:

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