Bookstore Policies

Textbook Refund Policy
Receipts are REQUIRED for all returns and exchanges. (A $5 lookup fee will be charged for lost receipts.)

Books must be purchased for the current term (the date books go on sale for each new semester will be posted in our stores; self-paced open entry course books can be purchased from first day of registration for the term).

Redshelf E-text Refund Policy
We can issue a refund if you have not yet:

  • Accessed 10% of the e-text
  • Printed any of the e-text
  • Your etext was purchased within 14 days
  • Activated any additional online resources
  • Passed the standard textbook return deadlines (see below for standard return deadlines)

Textbook Return Deadlines

  • 16 week classes — 7 calendar days from class start date
  • 8-12 week classes — 4 calendar days from class start date
  • Less than 8 week classes — 2 calendar days from class start date
  • ESL & GED Books - 7 calendar days from class start date
  • Self-paced open entry course — 7 calendar days from receipt date

*Calendar days begin on the day class starts.
EX: Monday start date, books must be re-turned by Sunday; Tuesday start date, books must be returned by following Monday, etc.

Refunds are NOT given on textbooks with software or access codes if the software or code has been opened. Purchases made by check require 14 business days for check to clear.  After this time a credit will be posted to the student account. If the credit results in a credit balance on the student account, a refund check will be issued to the student.

General Merchandise Return Policy
Regular priced clothing and gifts may be returned for refund or exchange within 14 calendar days from receipt date. Clearance/sale items can be exchanged within seven days of purchase date.

Sorry, Returns Not Allowed On:
Textbooks with software or access codes if the package has been opened.
Optional textbooks, study aids, test prep guides, reference books, computer software, hardware and media, nursing supplies and equipment, trade-books, and school supplies.