Spring 2020 Registration Opens November 4

Cruise for Courses

Now is a great time to be choosing your courses for spring. Review the online schedule and then make an appointment with Academic and Career Advising at (630) 466-2361 to confirm your picks are on track.

Guaranteed to Run

Put cancelled courses in your rearview mirror with our Guaranteed to Run schedules and courses! These courses will NOT be cancelled for any reason, so no worries about having to change up your course schedule at the last minute. But don't wait until the last minute to register for these — they're guaranteed to run, but you're not guaranteed to get a spot!  

Tune-Up Your Major

To stay on track, it’s important that you have the right major on file with us. Talk with an advisor and then update it on the Academic Planning page in mywcc.

Release Parking Brake/Holds

You may be ready to roll, but your student account may not. Go to the student tab of mywcc to view any holds you may have that would keep you from registering. Common holds include Program Review, which involves meeting with an advisor to make sure you’re on the right academic path; Financial Obligation which means you owe a balance; and Register and Planning which means you need to complete an online tutorial.

Get Road Ready

Some courses you want to take may require course placement, which may mean assessment testing in one or more subjects. Get info and test prep tips. 

Fuel Up Your Funding

Waubonsee is here to help make college affordable. The Chiefs Payment Plan is always an option, and will be featured in a special deal on Monday, Nov. 4 when spring registration kicks off! And it’s never too late to apply for financial aid and use it for spring!


Download these tips as a PDF