Celebrate the start of the spring 2021 semester!

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If you’re looking to make the most of your time here at Waubonsee, there are a lot of steps you can take and advice you can follow. Here, we simplify all that to three main actions — Know. Go. Get (Help).


Know where and how to get information

Mask Up

COVID-19 Information

Your health and safety is always a priority to us, but especially now. Be sure to visit and bookmark our COVID-19-related Return to Campus page for quick tips on staying safe and timely updates on any changes. 

Return to Campus Page

Things to Know

mywcc and Student Email

Do you know all mywcc has to offer? Important announcements, live chat features, personalized info and more! It’s also an easy way to access your student email account. Be sure to check that account often for crucial college info. 

mywcc Student Email

Waubonsee Calendar

College Calendar

Bookmark calendar.waubonsee.edu, and you’ll always know what’s happening around campus! Virtual events and important deadlines are included too, so it's valuable whether you're on or off campus this semester! 

College Calendar

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Featured in frames around campus, this newsletter includes information on how to make the most of your Waubonsee experience.

Read it while you fill up your water bottle! 


Maximize your time here by engaging with the campus community.

Human services student in classroom

Connect, Engage and Succeed with Student Life

Visit our Student Life page to learn more about the many opportunities to get involved on campus, including clubs, athletics and events. You’ll also get a good list of the benefits engagement brings!

Student Life

Female student with laptop

Get Social

You're probably already on several social media platforms, so now that you're a student here, be sure you're following and interacting with us! 

Snapchat Instagram Twitter Facebook 

Get (Help).

You’re working hard to succeed; we’re working hard to help you.

Student talking to Counselor

On-Campus and Online Services

With the current situation, hours of campuses and services departments have changed a bit, as have ways to get in touch with them. Be sure you know what is open when and how to reach out. 

Services Directory 

student working on computer

Technology/Online Learning Support

This semester, you may need help with online learning and/or getting the right technology to succeed. We're here for you.  

Technology Support 

Piggy Bank with Money

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Learn more about how to make college affordable with financial aid and scholarships.

Additionally, Waubonsee offers an Emergency Needs Scholarship and a Pandemic Relief Scholarship. Please complete the applications to see if you qualify for assistance.

Financial Aid