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This course will cover blueprints, schematics and symbols used in industrial settings.

This comprehensive course covers the essentials of industrial controls, electricity, and programmable logic controllers (PLC) for the manufacturing

This comprehensive course covers the advanced concepts of programmable logic controllers (PLC), industrial controls, pneumatics and hydraulics, and

This competency-based assessment will evaluate the essential skills related to operating industrial control, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

This intensive course presents the fundamental mathematical and measurement concepts that are essential to careers in the skilled trades.

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Check out KAIZEN Leadership Training

Kaizen - Leadership Development Training (7 weeks)


Valley Industrial Association
2000 S Batavia Avenue
Geneva, IL 60134

Kaizen is a term for ongoing continuous improvement and is a fundamental aspect of Lean Manufacturing. Kaizen is a Japanese term translated as Kai (change) and Zen (good). During this interactive series, participants will learn step-by-step how to conduct a Kaizen and to report the findings.

Week One- Defining Continuous Improvement and Introduction of Kaizen Philosophy

Week Two- Kaizen Philosophy: Finding a Solution to a Known Problem

Week Three- Creating a Project Plan for a Kaizen

Week Four- Kaizen Processes and Tools

Week Five- Kaizen Reporting

Week Six-The Soft Skills of Kaizen: Change Management

Week Seven- Presentation of Participant's Kaizen Projects

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