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  • The Family First Coronavirus Response Act
    Presenter: Atty. Jessica Harrill of Foster Buick, LLC
  • Stress Management Strategies
    Presenter: Deb Jones, Workforce Coordinator, Waubonsee Community College
  • OSHA COVID-19 Occupational Safety and Health Guidance for Employers
    Presenter: Michael Anthony Serpe, CSP
  • Employer Workplace Prevention of COVID-19 Airborne Transmission: Applying OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls  (video coming soon)
    Presenter: Michael Serpe, CSP, BSEM
  • COVID19 Straight Talk: Decoding the COVID19 Stimulus Package  (video coming soon)
    Presenter: Teena Klotz of Financial Fitness Consultants LLC
  • Moving Forward: Transitioning Back to Work in a COVID World  (video coming soon)
    Presenter: Jennifer McMahon, Director of HR, City of St. Charles