All Driver Safety classes are canceled effective immediately (March 13) through March 31.

We are encouraging students needing to take the DDC course to enroll in the online course. In order to enroll in the online course, please contact our office at (630) 892-3675 during business hours.

Please visit for more information and updates.

Leading the way in driver safety

Waubonsee's Driver Safety program offers three essential courses, including Alive at 25®, focused on the special needs of young drivers. The Defensive Driving Courses (DDC) are approved for use by the 16th and 23rd Judicial Circuits.

DDC8: The most compelling program for keeping drivers safe on the road

  • Highly-interactive, comprehensive classroom course
  • Teaches and reinforces in-depth practical approaches to safe and defensive driving and collision prevention strategies
  • Provides knowledge about recognizing potential and immediate driving hazards
  • Demonstrates techniques for driving in a variety of unpredictable conditions and situations
  • Explains how to choose safe, legal and responsible driving behaviors and why they make personal and financial sense
  • Helps drivers understand that the right attitude can prevent poor decisions, collisions and traffic violations

DDC4: Practical driver safety training to reinforce best practices

  • Abbreviated yet engaging classroom refresher course
  • Reinforces fundamental defensive driving strategies, responsible habits and good driving skills
  • Motivates drivers to change risky behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes
  • Teaches coping techniques to handle speeding, distracted, impaired, aggressive and fatigued driving, and various traffic and road conditions
  • Develops fundamental skills and techniques that can help recognize hazards, avoid collisions and reduce violations
  • Discusses practical strategies to decrease collision-related injuries, fatalities and costs associated with motor vehicle crashes

Alive at 25®: Proven to teach drivers under 25 to make safe and legal driving decisions

  • Highly interactive course that helps young drivers under the age of 25 take greater responsibility for their driving
  • Complements driver education programs that focus on state laws, vehicle and road handling, and mechanics of a car
  • Teaches young adult drivers how to take control of driving situations and make respectful, safe and legal decisions
  • Focuses on behavior, judgment, decision making and consequences, and provides tools for making positive choices
  • Incorporates reality therapy and choice theory—classic principles that identify the five basic needs that drive human behavior

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