NSC Defensive Driving Course: Train Your Employees

The most dangerous part of an employee's workday is when they're on the road. Just one work-related motor vehicle collision could affect your organization's productivity and finances, but more importantly, the health and future of your employees. The National Safety Council’s Driver Safety curriculum, standardized across the nation, uses the latest research-based techniques and examines driver behavioral patterns, attitudes, and habits.

Some of the concepts introduced during the DDC 4 class include:

  1. Preventing collisions and citations.
  2. Risk factors such as road rage, fatigue, distracted driving, and impaired driving.
  3. Reinforcement of good, sensible driving skills.
  4. Preventable collisions and why it is important to drive defensively for life.

The leading cause of occupational fatalities is vehicle-related crashes. NSC has been actively working to reduce motor vehicle collisions for more than five decades. They lead the way to reduce traffic crashes, helping save lives. Thousands of companies – Fortune 100 corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, and community service agencies – all depend on NSC to educate their employees and professional drivers.

Employers pay significant costs associated with motor vehicle crashes. When employees are involved in traffic incidents, companies are exposed to liability risks and legal expenses, not to mention lost time, decreased productivity and increased insurance and workers’ compensation rates.

Refresher driver training is always a good idea, even for experienced drivers and especially post-incident. It can help drivers reexamine their driving habits and attitudes and make the right decisions to prevent collisions in the future.

This highly interactive course presents real-life driving situations, hazard recognition scenarios and defensive driving techniques to motivate drivers to change risky driving habits and behaviors to avoid collisions and traffic violations. This class can be presented in both English and Spanish.

Upon completion, students will receive National Safety Council Certificates of completion. This course can be delivered onsite at your location or at one of our four campuses.

For additional information or to schedule a session, please call (630) 906-4161.