Just Drive: Pledge to be an attentive driver

At first, it was changing the radio station, or reprimanding rambunctious children. Then we began eating and drinking behind the wheel. Today, technology has made it easier than ever to be distracted from the focus we should be placing on driving, with our vehicles' capacity to make phone calls, dictate texts or emails, and even update social media while we are behind the wheel. It might surprise you to learn that even our mental state can distract our driving—ever try to get from one place to another when you're thinking about something entirely different, like a situation at work, home or school?

Every year, an increasing number of injuries and deaths result from incidents involving distracted driving. And those numbers continue to rise because there are more distractions than ever.

The Waubonsee Community College Driver Safety Program and the National Safety Council want to encourage and empower everyone to put safety first and Just Drive.

Take the pledge to drive distraction free at nsc.org/pledge.

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