Covering everything but your course schedule!

Starting as a new student at Waubonsee has two major phases -- everything that gets you ready to choose and take the right courses, and then actually building your course schedule. This session lasts about one hour with built-in Q&A.

This session will focus on:

  • The New Student Application
  • Course placement options and preparation
  • How to complete Pre-Registration Review
  • An overview of support services
  • How to follow up on building your course schedule
  • Financial aid options and processes

Important Notes

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  • This is NOT a personalized academic advising session; however, you will learn how to take the next step to build your schedule and register.
  • If you need a sign language interpreter or an accommodation, please call Admissions at (630) 466-5756. 
  • If you have credits from another college, please call Admissions first at (630) 466-5756.

Learn More

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Get a quick preview of what the workshop covers. Note that while this video mentions visiting/following up with a variety of student services, the college is currently closed and those services will be only virtually available.

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