Resources for high school instructors teaching dual credit classes

Are you teaching a dual credit course at your high school? Check out our resources to help you have a successful semester. There are syllabus templates and checklists, roster and grading support, and additional resources.

Course Documents

  • Course Syllabus Template
  • Course Syllabus Checklist
  • Course Outline:
    1. Click the 'Course Prefix' drop-down box.
    2. Select your course prefix (ex. ENG).
    3. Click OK.
    4. Find the course under the 'Prefix' and 'Number' columns (ex. ENG 101) with the most recent 'Effective Term' (ex. Fall 2017).
    5. Select the blue and red link marked 'CO' in the 'Actions' column on the left.

Roster Verification and Grade Entry

Additional Resources

General Information

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