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Fall courses begin Aug. 20

You may know that Waubonsee makes college possible, but you should also know that college makes your future brighter. Bachelor’s degree completion, higher average earnings and more secure employment — with an associate degree, this is your future.

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additional dollars average associate degree holder makes each year compared to high school graduate
of our students are pursuing a transfer degree
higher employment rate for associate degree holder compared to high school graduate

Getting Started Workshop

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Covering everything but your course schedule!
Starting as a new student at Waubonsee has two major phases -- everything that gets you ready to choose and take the right courses, and then actually building your course schedule. Learn everything you need for the first phase at this convenient one-hour session.

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Standard 16-week courses start on campus and online on Aug. 20.

There are also weekend courses, 12-week, 8-week and 4-week courses. Find the ones that fit your schedule.

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This is Success — Made Possible

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Getting Halfway to Your Bachelor’s

Your ultimate goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree, but that doesn’t mean Waubonsee isn’t a valuable stop along the way. You’ll be joining the majority of our students who are also planning to transfer and be able to take advantage of expert, individualized advising that ensures no time, money or credits are wasted.

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Ready to Impress Employers

Real-World. Relevant. Hands-On. You want all of these things in a career education program, and you’ll get them at Waubonsee, plus a whole lot more — one-semester certificate programs that allow you to start a new career while chipping away at a degree, state and nationally accredited programs that prove your skills to employers, and individual career advising that prepares you for and connects you with the right opportunities.

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Keeping It All Affordable

Even though you know it will pay off, you want to keep your investment in your education manageable. Enter our low tuition and fees, convenient payment plans, available financial aid and scholarships.

Student Stories

Photo of Joel Ledbetter

My experience has been really good. I like that it is part of the community. There are a lot of outstanding professors here. 

Joel's story
Photo of Caroline Amelse

I went back to my roots, completely inspired by my experience in Professor Voorhees’ class.

Caroline's Story



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