Average Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Credit Courses

At Waubonsee, tuition for credit courses is charged based on your residency. Below is a chart listing current tuition rates per semester hour. Keep in mind that most credit courses are 3 semester hours each. Refer to the course schedule to determine the credit hours and any additional fees for a specific course.

Tuition Per Semester Hour

  Spring/Summer 2018
In-district student $126.00
Illinois out-of-district student


Out-of-state student $368.52
International student $368.52
Online course tuition (for all students) $126.00

Special Tuition Policies
In-district residents who wish to enroll at another community college to earn a degree not offered at Waubonsee can save money through Cooperative Agreements or Tuition Chargebacks. Senior citizens can qualify for a tuition refund for certain credit courses.


Certain fees are charged in addition to tuition. Fees do NOT vary based on residency.

Student fee $8 per credit hour
Course fee

Varies per course

Re-enrollment fee


Payment plan fee


Late payment fee

Insufficient funds fee $25
Delinquent payment fee $25
Transcript fee $5 online request / $10 written request

Tuition and Fees for Noncredit Courses

Costs for noncredit courses offered by the Community Education and Workforce Development departments vary widely and are listed in the noncredit schedule. Most Adult Education offerings are free.