Average tuition

Tuition for Credit Courses

At Waubonsee, tuition for credit courses is charged based on your residency. Below is a chart listing current tuition rates per semester hour. Keep in mind that most credit courses are 3 semester hours each. Refer to the course schedule to determine the credit hours and any additional fees for a specific course.

Tuition Per Semester Hour

  Fall 2018
In-district student $128.00
Illinois out-of-district student $339.24
Out-of-state student $368.52
International student $368.52
Online course tuition (for all students) $128.00

Special Tuition Policies
In-district residents who wish to enroll at another community college to earn a degree not offered at Waubonsee can save money through Cooperative Agreements. Senior citizens can qualify for a tuition refund for certain credit courses.


Certain fees are charged in addition to tuition. Fees do NOT vary based on residency.

Student fee $8 per credit hour
Course fee Varies per course
Re-enrollment fee $50
Payment plan fee $25
Late payment fee $20
Insufficient funds fee $25
Delinquent payment fee $25
Transcript fee $5 online request / $10 written request

Tuition and Fees for Noncredit Courses

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Costs for noncredit courses offered by the Community Education and Workforce Education and Training departments vary widely and are listed in the noncredit schedule. Most Adult Education offerings are free.