Frequently Asked Questions

Get the quick answers you need about Waubonsee Community College!

  1. How big are most classes at Waubonsee?
    Our average student-to-teacher ratio is 23-to-1, which means you'll enjoy personalized attention from our dedicated faculty in a learning environment truly focused on student success.
  2. Will the classes I take at Waubonsee transfer to any four-year college?
    Waubonsee is part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), so most of our courses will transfer to any other in-network college or university where you are accepted. Students can also transfer credits to other public and private colleges or universities across the United States under the guidance of our helpful academic advisors and counselors. Waubonsee graduates enjoy the flexibility to continue their education after leaving us.  
  3. What does it cost to attend Waubonsee?
    For credit courses, it depends on where you live. If you live within Waubonsee's district, you receive our lower in-district rate. If you're out-of-district, costs are a bit higher — but still very reasonable. Our tuition is charged per credit hour; most classes are 3 credit hours. For specific costs, please review our information on Waubonsee's tuition and fees. Full or partial payment is due upon registration, but our financial aid office specializes in finding ways to make your education more affordable. 
  4. How do I know if I’m eligible for financial aid or scholarships?
    Our well-informed financial aid staff knows how to navigate the many applications, deadlines and requirements needed to successfully earn an award for your education — so use them! Through scholarships, grants, loans, on-campus employment, and several convenient payment plans, Waubonsee works with each student to help cover every expense. 
  5. If I need help with my courses, does Waubonsee provide tutoring services?
    Absolutely! We want to see you succeed, so we make every effort to help you along your path to a brighter future.  At Waubonsee's Learning Enhancement Center, you can utilize a variety of academic enrichment services, like free walk-in assistance, online help and one-on-one tutoring for those that qualify. Many subject areas are covered, including the most popular: English and math.
  6. I work full-time. Can I take courses at Waubonsee in my spare time?
    Don't worry. You're not alone. In fact, most of Waubonsee's students work at least part-time and/or have other commitments outside of the classroom. That's why we offer flexible learning options for those with busy schedules throughout the week. Choose from evenings, weekends, online, telecourses and Flexible Fridays. It's hard work, but you can make time for your education and achieve a better career.
  7. Does Waubonsee offer career planning or job placement services?
    Waubonsee takes pride in providing free career assistance through our Career Services Center. The center is open to students, alumni and members of the local community that need a helping hand with job search skills. We can help you write a cover letter, polish your résumé, sharpen interviewing techniques or search current job and internship opportunities. 
  8. I want to network with students, faculty and staff. Are there leadership opportunities available?
    At Waubonsee, we feel there's no better way to connect with the college experience than to connect with fellow students and staff — and because we're a two-year school, you can jump in right away. Students interested in activities and clubs are able to assume leadership roles quickly. You can be a part of anything, with performing arts, honor societies, professional organizations and academic teams. Waubonsee also has a student government. Exercise your personal freedoms to become a part of Waubonsee's tradition of community and excellence. Plus, our top-rated athletics program includes 13 different sports for men and women, and we're close to home, so attending games with family and friends has never been easier.
  9. How long will it take me to graduate from Waubonsee?
    It depends on what you're trying to achieve. Waubonsee offers programs of study that range from one-semester certificates to two-year degrees. Many choose to transfer their two-year associate degree to a four-year institution, while some enter the workforce directly. Learn about the full range of options, or contact our advisors to determine your education and career goals.
  10. Is it too late to apply for classes at Waubonsee?
    Here's your first step to finding out: fill out a New Student Information Form. Before enrolling at Waubonsee, all credit students must fill out this form. As a tip, the last day to enroll in a course is usually the day of or the day prior to the first class. For additional questions about applying to Waubonsee, read more about how to enroll.