Scholarship Fest

Scholarship Fest is a celebration of scholarship donors, recipients and their families. The reception is a lively event that provides an opportunity for recipients and donors to meet each other.

For the 2014-15 academic year, the Waubonsee Community College Foundation has awarded 232 scholarships totaling more than $154,000 to 192 recipients. The following are local winners.

Altrusa Scholarship: Sarah Kaminky of Yorkville; and Amanda Lawrence of Newark.

Anita Dickson Memorial Scholarship: Phoebe Xoxakos of Yorkville.

Anna M. Oleson Memorial Scholarship: Bradley Christensen of Newark.

Arlene S. Hawks Fine Arts Scholarship: Evan Mosby of Aurora.

Ashley R. Souba Memorial Scholarship: Theresa Eberhardt of Yorkville.

Aurora Business & Professional Women-Frances McKnight Memorial Scholarship: Susan Bessler of Oswego.

Aurora Elks Lodge 705 Scholarship: J. Eduardo Torres-Escobedo of Aurora.

Aurora Noon Lions Club Scholarship: Sarah Kaminky of Yorkville.

Aurora Republican Women's Club Scholarship: Justina Babel of Montgomery.

Aurora Residents Scholarship: Hector Flores and Sarai Vargas of Aurora.

Ball Horticultural Company Scholarship: Kirsten Meisner of Aurora.

Banking Industry Scholarship: Haley Drew of Sandwich; and Kristen Runyan of Big Rock.

Bobbie Jean Douglas Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Lizbeth Borunda of Aurora; and Katlyn Dempsey of Yorkville.

Cari Carter Memorial Scholarship: Michael Deja of Sugar Grove.

Castle Bank Endowed Scholarship: Victoria Jones of Somonauk.

Caterpillar Inc Scholarship: Katherine Draper of Sugar Grove.

Claudia J. Wennmacher Memorial Scholarship: Shontal Jefferson of Aurora.

Constantine and Jamie Kleronomos Endowed Scholarship: Nicholas Donka of Montgomery.

Cordogan Clark Architects Scholarship: Guadalupe Camargo-Reyes of Montgomery; and Julio Rivera of Aurora.

Cosmopolitan Club of Aurora Scholarship: Gianna Squillo of Batavia.

Cynthia L. Kleronomos Endowed Scholarship: Ashley Bowling of Yorkville.

Dona O'Keefe Tucholski Endowed Scholarship: Yessenia Delgado of Aurora; Gloria Hancock of Plano; and Zachary Weiss of Batavia.

Douglas Arthur Vest Scholarship: Jaime Lopez of Aurora.

Dr. Gina Santori Nursing Scholarship: Stephanie Banks of Plano; and Serena Jefferson-Jackson of Montgomery.

Dr. William J. and Jane G. Weigel Memorial Scholarship: NaKetha Richards-Kerr of Aurora.

Dreyer Community Health Fund Scholarship: Amanda Stewart of Oswego.

Edward A. Kelley Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Carter of Yorkville; and Gladys Herrera of Plano.

El Corazon Scholarship: Sandra Joaquin of Aurora.

Emma Brighman Endowed Scholarship: Jeqhari Miles of Sugar Grove.

Ernest McFall Memorial Award: Andrea Janick of Oswego.

Evar Erickson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Jessica Jablonski of Sugar Grove.

Florence Lorenz Trust Scholarship: Keith Gubala of Darien.

Fox Valley Heart Fund Scholarship: Julio Flores of Aurora; and Katherine Gloor of Sugar Grove.

Geneva Lions Club Scholarship: Michelle Crawford of Chicago; and Marivel Leal of Aurora.

Gil Law Group Scholarship: Emily Campos of Geneva; Carlos Martinez and Nallely Nino of Aurora; and Jose Luis Martinez Joya of Carpentersville.

Gil Law Group Scholarship-Single Mother: Cristina Rodriguez of Aurora.

Goetz Family Engineering Scholarship: Dexter Sonuga of Aurora.

Goetz Family Nursing Scholarship: Sandra Spilman of Sandwich; and Cynthia Wollenweber of Montgomery.

Harbour Funds Scholarship: Patrizio Fortuna of Aurora.

Harry L. Crisp Scholarship: Rosemarie Mendoza of Aurora.

Heartland Bank Community Enhancement Award Scholarship: Alberto Briones of Aurora; Joel Dik of Batavia; Patrick O’Brien, Jr. of South Elgin; and Lia Thompson of Montgomery.

Henning Endowed Scholarship: Julie Graziano, Payton Klaas and Austin Luca of Yorkville.

Human Services Faculty Scholarship: Rosa Arriaga of Aurora.

I-55 Auto Salvage Automotive Program Scholarship: Dany Saldana Gonzalez of Aurora.

ICCSF-Illinois Health Improvement Association Scholarship: Emily DiPasquantonio of Geneva; and Cody Leffelman of Sycamore.

ICCSF-Marilyn Casey Scholarship: Emiliya Valcheva of Batavia.

Ivy Erickson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Lauren Buchner of Sugar Grove.

J. Dennis Hastert Scholarship: Daniel Noll of Hinckley.

James E. Meier Memorial Award: Devin Ambrose of Plano.

Jami Knowles Memorial Scholarship: Bianca Aguirre of Oswego.

Jane Whinfrey Harris Scholarship: Ariana Bustamante of Aurora.

Janet Bodie Memorial Scholarship: David Lopez-Gonzalez of Aurora.

Jennifer Shook Athletic Scholarship: Mitchell Boyd of Sandwich.

John Austin Sizer Fine Arts Scholarship: Kristen Runyan of Big Rock.

John Emma Memorial Scholarship: Ian Boltz of Aurora.

John J. Swalec, Jr. President's Achievement Award Scholarship: Alexander Cowell, Beatrice Fonge, Christian Ornelas, Jesus Perez-Rincon of Oswego; Nicholas Donka of Montgomery; Claudia Garcia Vazquez of North Aurora; David Lorenzo of Batavia; Tania Mancilla Foullon, Erica Padilla, Alejandra Perez, Dany Saldana Gonzalez, Yossely Silva Caro, and Dominique Turner of Aurora; and Christine Michaud of Sandwich.

John J. Swalec, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Emma Ahrendt and Joshua Scott of Aurora; and Christine Michaud of Sandwich.

John M. Leatherbury Memorial Scholarship: Cidney Smith of Montgomery.

Kane County Cougars "Ozzie's Scholars" Scholarship: Christian Ornelas of Oswego.

Karen J. and David S. Stewart Scholarship: Emily Reynolds of Geneva.

Kathleen Kelly Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Kulikowski of Batavia.

Kazanova McDonald's Scholarship: Joel Lopez-Mandujano of Montgomery.

Land Development and Construction Industry Endowed Scholarship: Cinthya Rivera of Aurora; and Andrea Terry of Romeoville.

Larry Scranton Memorial Scholarship: Teresa Orlow of Aurora.

Lawyers' Scholarship: Lizeth Quintana of Oswego.

Lifelong Learning Institute Scholarship: Jose Coronel and Yossely Silva Caro of Aurora; Sarah Grams of Elburn; and Donnie Pingleton of Sugar Grove.

Literacy Achievement Endowed Scholarship: Rosa Arriaga and Rashunee Hill of Aurora.

LKQ Automotive Recycling Program Scholarship: Drew Kleyweg of Yorkville.

Louise Murphy Memorial Scholarship: Mikela Olson and Alex Wagner of Oswego.

Lucille M. Clark Memorial Scholarship: Lisa Gayles and Marivel Leal of Aurora; Ruben Noceda of Montgomery; and Donnie Pingleton of Sugar Grove.

Lyle Burrichter and Sharon Burrichter-Votaw Endowed Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Elizabeth Rache of Yorkville.

Marie Von Ohlen Memorial Scholarship: Shannon Barrett of Aurora; and Daniel Wegehaupt of Oswego.

Marion M. and Les Lester Endowed Scholarship: Stephanie Banks of Plano; Katherine Gloor of Sugar Grove; Serena Jefferson-Jackson and Cynthia Wollenweber of Montgomery; and Elizabeth Rache of Yorkville.

Martha and Ralph Egeland Scholarship: Christine Flood of Mooseheart.

Mary Ann Thompson Memorial Science Scholarship: Danielle McCormack of Sugar Grove.

Mary Francis Mulcrone Endowed Scholarship in Interpreter Training: Kimberley Baccus of Calumet Park; and Andrea Terry of Romeoville.

Mary Jean Murphy Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Lee of Geneva; and Kaela Pelletier of Montgomery.

Mary Lou Murphy Memorial Scholarship: Katherine Galazka of Oswego.

Matco Tools Automotive Program Scholarship: Drew Kleyweg of Yorkville.

Muriel and Stanley R. Groh, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Kulikowski of Batavia.

Myrtle Belle Jones Scholarship: Briseida Chavez of Plano; and Scott Thompson of Batavia.

Nick Wirth Memorial Fire Science Scholarship: Jacob Cichorski of Geneva.

Norm Paul Memorial Scholarship: Bradley Christensen of Newark.

North Aurora Lions Club Scholarship: Cory Alvis, Kristina Fritter, Alyssa Koch and Jacob Mickelson of North Aurora.

Old Second Bank Endowed: Danielle McCormack of Sugar Grove.

Penelope (Penny) Cameron Endowed Scholarship: Emily Reynolds of Geneva.

Performing Arts Scholarship: Christian Limbo of Elburn.

Pulver Family Scholarship: David Kabanda of Oswego.

Quad County Urban League Scholarship: Krystal Davis and Florence Knox of Aurora; and Rikiyah Pryor of Yorkville.

Real Estate Brokers, Developers and Realtors Scholarship: Zayra Juarez of Aurora.

Rex C. Kanpp Memorial Award: Gered Bales of Aurora.

Richard J. Feltes Family Endowed Scholarship: Marisol Campos and Jeanette DiPasquantonio of Geneva.

Robert M. Sohol Endowed Scholarship: Beatrice Fonge of Oswego.

Rotary Club of Naperville Downtown Scholarships: Jennifer Schess of Oswego; and Yoonek Shaw of DeKalb.

Rotary Club of Oswego Scholarship: Amy Lukaszewski Nelson of Aurora.

Roy and Hilda Baker Scholarship: Charles Richardson of Montgomery.

Rush-Copley President's Scholarship: Wendy Mayo of Oswego; and Katherine Miranda of Aurora.

Shodeen Family Scholarships: Julie Adams of Plano; Joshua Fatima of Yorkville; and Terri Mate of Batavia.

Speedway Auto Parts Automotive Recycling Program Scholarship: J. Eduardo Torres-Escobedo of Aurora.

Steiner-Kerman Educational Foundation Scholarship: Sandra Esquivel and Jaylen Lyles of Aurora.

Study Abroad Scholarship: Bianca Aguirre and Andrea Janick of Oswego.

Valley West Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship: Nicole Fraser and Sandra Spilman of Sandwich.

Vanessa Skeens Ward Memorial Scholarship: Julio Flores of Aurora.

Vern Florence Family Scholarship: Keith Gubala of Darien.

Waubonsee Hearing Impaired Program (WHIP) Award: Nallely Nino of Aurora.

Wayne and Corrine Stone Endowed Career Scholarship: Ryan Fritter of North Aurora.

WCC Automotive Technology Scholarship: J. Eduardo Torres-Escobedo of Aurora.

WCC Early Childhood Education Scholarship: Lynette Groenenboom of Montgomery.

WCC Educational Office Staff (WEOS) Scholarship: Amber Rodriguez of Montgomery.

WCC Employee Scholarship-General: Marissa Rennick of Newark.

WCC Employee Scholarship-Minority Student: Maricruz Cervantes of Aurora; and Jason Manivong of North Aurora.

WCC Employee Scholarship-Single Parent Student: Kati Glascock and Susan Hernandez of Yorkville; and Dominique Turner of Aurora.

WCC Faculty Council Awards AFL-CIO: Lisa Wade of Batavia.

WCC Faculty Council Awards Endowed Scholarships: Matthew Gunderson of Sugar Grove; and Jennifer Sanchez of Aurora.

WCC Faculty Council Student Needs Awards Endowed Scholarship: Lisa Gayles and Michelle Luna of Aurora; Betsy Manak of Elburn; and Jose Luis Martinez Joya of Carpentersville.

WCC Foundation Directors Scholarship: Jeremiah Anthenat of Somonauk; Michael Bermes, Diego Franco, Cynthia Gomez, Kumar Kharel, Raul Ochoa, David Ramos, Marco Rivera, Kelley Siler, Savaughn Strickland, and Whitley Yemm of Aurora; Adriana Cardenas, Alexander Cowell, and Andrea Hockin of Oswego; Colin Eggleson of Sycamore; Brady Fonseca and Amber Rodriguez of Montgomery; Michael Howard and Nicholas Messina of Sugar Grove; Bailey Klaas and Hannah Peabody of Yorkville; Brian Moran of Sandwich; Patrick O'Brien Jr. of South Elgin; Jasmine Pearman of Dolton; and Morgan Sibley of Plano.

WCC Foundation Founders Scholarship: Jaylen Lyles of Aurora.

Weblinx, Inc. Scholarship: Michael Richmond-Heath of Hinckley.

West Towns Community Resource Team Scholarship: Cheyanne Haney of Aurora.

Wm Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation Endowed Scholarships: Rikiyah Pryor of Yorkville; and Jazmine Rivera of Aurora.

Womans Club of Aurora-General Scholarship: Tyler Bimrose of Sugar Grove; and Alyssa Koch of North Aurora.

Woman's Club of Aurora-Nursing Awards: Katherine Gloor of Sugar Grove; and Elizabeth Rache of Yorkville.