Science Building

Groundbreaking: September 2004
Opened: August 2006
Location: north side of the Sugar Grove Campus near Akerlow and Erickson Halls
Size: 46,590 square feet, two stories, six classrooms, 12 labs, 16 offices
Cost: $14.7 million

  • Houses the college's biology, chemistry and earth sciences departments
  • 12 discipline-specific labs include two for anatomy and physiology, one for microbiology, four for biology, three for chemistry, and two for earth science 
  • Overhead camera system for cadaver study
  • Gas chromatograph for chemistry analysis
  • Seismograph for earthquake study
  • Fossil preparation area in earth science lab 

Reflection:"The most exciting thing for me was the chance to equip the new labs 'from scratch' with brand new equipment; it allowed us to develop our curricula with an eye to the future of our disciplines." 
- Tracey Dosch, Associate Professor of Biology 

Board members, administrators, faculty and staff celebrated the building's groundbreaking in September 2004. Ironwork starts outlining the building's distinctive profile in early 2005. The north end of the building faces the parking lot and provides students and visitors a welcoming entry point into the center of campus.  With Collins Hall to its south, the Science Building is connected to Akerlow Hall to its west. You can also see the Academic and Professional to the north in this photo from 2011. In addition to its specialized labs, the building also provides tiered classrooms, equipped with the latest in "smart" technology.

2020 Review

2020 Waubonsee Community College Master Plan Completion
2020 Waubonsee Community College Master Plan Completion