Field House

Groundbreaking: December 2013 
Opened: February 2015 
Location: north side of the Sugar Grove Campus; attached to the east side of Erickson Hall 
Size: 59,000 square feet 
Cost: $19 million 

  • Three indoor courts (two with traditional athletic flooring, and one with artificial turf to accommodate soccer, baseball and softball practices) 
  • Three-lane suspended running track (1/9 of a mile) 
  • 2,500-square-foot Dance and Fitness Studio with audio system 
  • Athletic team training room 
  • Lobby with snack bar and lounge seating 
  • Will support Waubonsee’s athletics program, credit and noncredit physical education and wellness instruction, as well as the campus' Total Fitness Center 
  • Project also includes renovations to Erickson Hall, including a Strength and Conditioning Center for athletic teams, locker rooms, team meeting rooms, and an Athletic Hall of Fame  

Reflection: "It will be such a wonderful opportunity for our athletes to have first-class facilities where they can practice, train and condition. Plus, with the new space, we'll be able to have multiple teams practicing at the same time."
- Waubonsee Athletic Manager Dave Randall

The kick-off to the Field House project was held in Erickson Hall in December 2013. Work on the building was in full swing in summer 2014. This aerial photo clearly shows the new Field House's location east of Erickson Hall and west of the baseball field. The Campus Operations Building is also visible in the top half of the photo. At ground level, one can see Erickson Hall, with the new Field House attached to its east side. The building will feature three indoor courts and a suspended, three-lane running track.

2020 Review

2020 Waubonsee Community College Master Plan Completion
2020 Waubonsee Community College Master Plan Completion