Campus Operations Building

Opened: April 2005
Location: northern edge of Sugar Grove Campus
Size: 21,000 square feet
Cost: $2.6 million
Highlights: The building has areas for maintenance services, including a maintenance shop, garage facilities and central supply storage. Campus Operations' move to the northern perimeter increased pedestrian safety and freed up space on the south side for additional parking and the new Student Center.

The building features a reception/office area in the front, backed by larger warehouse and service areas.  The building takes shape during construction in October 2004. 2004 saw the start of construction on the building. The interior of the building as it looked under construction in January 2005. College administrators complete Campus Operations trivia at the building's grand opening ceremony in summer 2005. The Campus Operations building sits on the far north side of the Sugar Grove Campus.

2020 Review

2020 Waubonsee Community College Master Plan Completion
2020 Waubonsee Community College Master Plan Completion