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Nominations Sought for Waubonsee Distinguished Contributor and Alumnus Awards

Nominations are now being sought for Waubonsee Community College’s 2016 Distinguished Contributor and Distinguished Alumnus awards. Nominations must be received by Tuesday, May 31 and should be submitted to Kim Caponi, Director of Presidential Communications and Operations, by emailing .

Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Waubonsee Distinguished Alumnus Award is dedicated to outstanding graduates of Waubonsee Community College District No. 516 in recognition of their unselfish and continued support of the college. The nominees should be graduates of WCC who meet the following criteria: Completed an associate degree at Waubonsee Community College, has documented evidence of a distinguished record in their chosen profession and/or occupation, has documented evidence of contribution and service to their community and has demonstrated a continued interest in lifelong education. The nominee cannot be a current employee of Waubonsee.

Nomination forms can be downloaded online here.  

Distinguished Contributor Award

The Waubonsee Distinguished Contributor Award is designed to honor individuals, groups of individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions or given exemplary support to the college. The award will be given to a nominee who meets the following criteria: Has supported an area of the general operation of the college in either a personal or professional capacity that has contributed to the overall growth and expansion of the college’s mission; Has contributed to the institution in a way which has enhanced a program, the operation and/or future development of the college which went beyond the ordinary and such results would probably not have occurred without the nominee’s special efforts; Is recognized by the college staff, community residents and officials, or community college leaders as having made an extraordinary commitment to promote the college and its mission. Nominees cannot be current employees of the college.

Nomination forms can be downloaded online here