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Waubonsee Purchases Student Art

"Catharsis" by Colton Christianson, of Batavia is one of the pieces of student art that was purchased by Waubonsee recently.

Waubonsee Community College recently continued its tradition of purchasing student art work to display permanently throughout the college’s four campuses.

Since the fall of 2006, Waubonsee has actively collected student art, which is displayed throughout all campuses. The Art Purchase Committee, compromised of full-time art faculty, selects which art pieces to purchase.

For the fall 2015 semester, the following student pieces were purchased by Waubonsee:

  • Colton Christianson, Batavia, “Catharsis”
  • Esther Espino, Maple Park, “Holga Pan No. 3”
  • Holly Frankino, Yorkville, “Creeping Vines”
  • Patricia Janecek, Aurora, “Baby Calf”
  • Justine Martin, Yorkville, “Jackalope”
  • Nicholas Obermayer, Batavia, “Nexis in Flight”
  • Abby Tyioran, North Aurora, “Mike Adams”