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Waubonsee Instructor Hosts Workshop for High School Teachers

Dr. Pratima Jindal, Physics Instructor

Dr. Pratima Jindal, Physics Instructor at Waubonsee Community College, hosted 19 area high school physics instructors for the Insights into Research Workshop at the Waubonsee Sugar Grove campus this summer.

During the workshop, participants learned about particle physics and contributed to designs for experiments.

The workshop was funded by a United States Compact Muon Solenoid Teacher Fellowship grant from the National Science Foundation, in partnership with Fermilab and the University of Notre Dame.

The workshop worked with Waubonsee’s Workforce Development Department to help 13 certified high school physics teachers earn 12 hours of professional development for their participation.

Jindal has authored or co-authored hundreds of publications, primarily in the field of high energy physics. Prior to teaching at Waubonsee, she worked as a research associate on the Compact Muon Spectrometer Experiment for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.