Illinois Community College Assessment Fair

Waubonsee Community College is proud to host the 2015 Illinois Community College Assessment Fair!

Focus of the Fair
The ultimate goal of assessment is to improve student learning. Assessment of student learning should be more than a way to satisfy accreditation standards; it should be a process that fosters progress in higher education. With that in mind, this year's Assessment Fair will focus on the how of assessment. How do we as assessment practitioners move our institutions forward so that they are positioned to adequately face the challenges of today’s world? How have assessment professionals taken action to improve education, learning, and student outcomes? 

Learn more about the featured presenter, Dr. Natasha Jankowski and her session "Making a Difference: Assessment in Community Colleges". In addition to Dr. Natasha Jankowski, we've highlighted information about our keynote speaker, Dr. Catherine Wehlburg as well.  She will be presenting her keynote address titled "Assessment as a Transformative Process: It Really Is For Us!".

Assessment Fair Survey

Attention participants of the 19th Annual Illinois Community College Assessment Fair on March 6, 2015. We would very much appreciate your feedback on the Assessment Fair by completing a brief online survey. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All replies are anonymous and will be treated confidentially.


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Outcomes and Grants Manager
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