Spring Courses Start January 17

You Can Balance It!

Saúl Olivas

I had to make sure everything was carefully planned, every week.” — Saúl Olivas

Achieving balance between work, school, family and other activities does take some planning, but it can be done – especially if you take advantage of Waubonsee’s flexible course offerings, which include evening, weekend and online courses with a variety of start dates. Because building a better life shouldn’t mean giving up your current one.

You Can Try It!

Julianna Wadsworth

To be honest with you, I didn’t know what I was going to do after high school. Coming to Waubonsee and playing basketball was so good for me. One of my biggest lessons was time management. Until you get to college, it’s all decided for you.” — Julianna Wadsworth

Making your own decisions about what to do with your life is exciting but can feel overwhelming. Our students tell us it’s a bit more manageable here, as they can explore their academic and extracurricular interests in an environment that’s comfortable and supportive, and at a tuition rate that’s reasonable.

You Can Change It!

Ozzie Arroyo

At Waubonsee, it’s a great place to learn about yourself, what you enjoy doing – and what you can do with that.” — Ozzie Arroyo

You’re unhappy with your current career path but aren’t sure what else you’d rather be doing. Enter Waubonsee to help you change things. Here you can explore new interests and learn how they lead to career paths you never even knew existed. All on a schedule and at a price you can handle.

You Can Afford It!

Tyler Hill

Being involved here, and being a Gustafson Scholar, paid for two years of my school already and has helped me get scholarships at AU [Aurora University].” — Tyler Hill

At Waubonsee, affordability starts with our low tuition rate — averaging just $378 for a typical course — but that’s just the beginning. Almost 60% of our beginning students apply for and receive financial aid or scholarships, and some are even able to use their Waubonsee achievements to earn additional scholarships at their four-year school.

You Can Transfer It!

Katie Billing

I tell everyone to go to community college. It really helped shape me academically and prepared me for the next two years at SIU.” — Katie Billing

Join the 70% of our students preparing to transfer on to four-year schools. Top destinations include Northern Illinois, Aurora University, Illinois State, U of I, Western Illinois and North Central.

You Can Achieve It!

Morelia Delgado

I decided to go to college because I saw how my parents and family struggled and I wanted to change that.” — Morelia Delgado

It takes determination to be the first in your family to attend college. More than 40% of our students have that kind of drive, setting new educational expectations for themselves and their families. And once here, they become part of the Waubonsee family — our low 23:1 student-faculty ratio means that instructors know your name and care about your success. In fact, first-generation students can take advantage of additional resources provided by the Student Support Services program.

You Can Experience It!

Kati Sibenaller

There is so much effort that went into making these [Aurora Fox Valley Campus] labs what they are, and our teachers are so into it, that it makes it very exciting and cool. They are able to use the mannequins to simulate every possible situation we’ll encounter in our clinical or jobs.” — Kati Sibenaller

Landing the job you want takes the right combination of education and hands-on experience. At Waubonsee, you’ll get both, thanks to simulated scenarios and real-world opportunities. Combined, our health care programs require more than 1,400 hours of observation or clinical time to graduate, ensuring that you’ll be well-prepared and employers will be thoroughly impressed.


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