Certification Program Sequence

The Sequence of Courses Leading to PATH International Registered Instructor Certification

The suggested progression of courses at Waubonsee Community College for those interested in pursuing PATH International certification is as follows:

Riding instructionFall Semester – Year 1

HCP931 - Equine Studies I
HCP932 - Teaching Methodology for Riding Instruction
HCP933 - Introduction to Psychology for Riding Instruction

Spring Semester – Year 1

HCP936 - Equine Studies II
HCP937 - Teaching Methodology for Therapeutic Riding Instruction
HCP938 - Introduction to Psychology for Therapeutic Riding Instruction

Fall Semester – Year 2

HCP941 - Therapeutic Riding Instructor PATH Intl. Certification I
HCP942 - Health Sciences for Therapeutic Riding Instruction I
HCP943 - PATH Intl. Standards and Contraindications

Spring Semester – Year 2

HCP946 - Therapeutic Riding Instructor PATH Intl. Certification II
HCP947 - Health Sciences for Therapeutic Riding Instruction II
HCP948 - Business Concepts for Therapeutic Riding

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