Social Media Marketing Specialist Certificate

The Courses 
The Social Media Marketing Specialist Certificate program consists of four classes. These classes may be taken individually, but you must complete all four to earn the Specialist Certificate. 

What They Cover
Discover proven strategies to effectively market a business using social media, and learn the technical skills required to aptly implement them. Each class covers a crucial piece of social media marketing, and every assignment focuses on an actual business to ensure you are fully prepared for a company position in social media. 

Who Should Take Them 
Those who could benefit from these courses include business owners and staff who implement or manage social media in the workplace, marketing graduates seeking to add social media to their resumes, and marketing and Web professionals wanting to offer social media services. Students should have a familiarity with business marketing concepts and outcomes, a working knowledge of the Internet for research and self-study, and experience with social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Upcoming Courses