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Forklift Operator Certification

If you are seeking employment as a forklift operator, or you are an employer whose staff operate forklifts, Workforce Development's Forklift Operator Certification program can benefit you!

A man operating a forklift in a warehouse

For those seeking employment as a forklift operator:

Forklift training is an important step for all would be forklift operators. Forklifts can be dangerous if not used properly. Nearly one million forklifts are in use in the United States currently. Each year, tens of thousands of injuries related to forklifts occur in US workplaces. With proper forklift training and certification most of these accidents could have been avoided. 

Forklift training will teach you the proper safety precautions for protecting yourself as well as your coworkers near the forklift operating area. Workforce Development offers a 32-hour OSHA-approved course, designed to provide the inexperienced trainee with basic forklift operating knowledge and driving skills practice. Through classroom presentation, you will gain knowledge of powered industrial lift operations, maintenance and OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178). Extensive hands-on driving, loading and unloading practice will be provided. Successful completion of the National Safety Council written and driving exam will give you OSHA-approved forklift operator certification. 

For employers:

Are your forklift operators safe, legal and productive?

OSHA training requirements for forklifts are in place to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur annually. If you employ forklift operators, the onus is on you to ensure they have received forklift training that meets OSHA standards. Our forklift training program meets these required standards.  In addition, our students receive hours of operating practice under the guidance of a certified instructor. 

Our forklift training program will help your staff and your company achieve important benchmarks:

  • Greater safety in the workplace for forklift operators and those around them.
  • Less product damage due to poor forklift operation.
  • Lower forklift repair expenses due to operator error.
  • Increased productivity through awareness and avoidance of potential dangers.
  • Prevention of lawsuits from forklift accidents.
  • Avoidance of fines / penalties levied by OSHA against non-compliant employers.

Tuition-Free Opportunity

If you're between the ages of 16-21 and come from a low-income household, you may be able to get your forklift training tuition, fees, books and supplies paid for through the Youth Services Program.

More Info.

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