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Plus 50 Workshops

Waubonsee is offering four workshops as part of its Plus 50 program. 

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Learn up-to-date job searching skills in our Plus 50 workshops.

Job Search Skills: Finding Work in Today's Employment Environment
When searching for a job, learn how to exercise every option at your disposal to get in the door and make a good impression.

 Job Success Skills: What Do Employers Really Want?
What are the most highly rated skills sought by employers today?  The answers may surprise you.

Technology Skills for Today's Workplace 
Technology is constantly changing. Are you staying on top of it?  Learn how to use new technologies to adjust the way you work to meet the needs of today's employers. 

Five Generations in the Workplace
For the first time in our history, five generations are working side by side in the workplace. Gain some insight into the needs and expectations of your employer and colleagues in a multi-generational workforce.

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