Plus 50 Program

Refresh Your Skills. Retrain for a Career. Renew Your Life. 

road signs saying "Support," "Help," "Advice"
The Plus 50 Initiative gives you the educational and career guidance you need.

As part of its participation in the American Association of Community Colleges’ Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, Waubonsee is focusing on helping individuals aged 50 and older train for and transition to new careers. 

  • Workshops: affordable weeklong workshops that help you transition into the modern workplace, with topics like online job searching, what employers want and dealing with different generations on the job
  • Resources: a variety of resources for anyone looking for a new or better career, including career assessments through Counseling and job search help through Career Services
  • Recommended Programs: short-term educational programs that can help you land a rewarding job very quickly 


Workforce Development
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