High School Summer Program

Make Summer Count!

Girl holds IPad with the words "Make Summer Count" displayed on it.
Catch up or work ahead for next year with Waubonsee's High School Summer Program.

Take high school courses this summer at Waubonsee and earn credit toward graduation. You can retake classes you didn't pass or work ahead for next year. Summer 2015 offerings include Algebra, Geometry, 9th/10th grade English Workshop, Pre-College Composition, Speech, American Government, Economics, World Geography, U.S. History, Health, Personal Fitness and more.

High School Summer Program registration is NOW OPEN!

Registration for the June Session ends on Friday, June 12.

Registration for the July Session ends Monday, June 22.

Registration forms can be found on the last page of the High School Credit Program Brochure. Click the PDF link on the right to download the brochure.

Summer School 2015

June Semester: June 15 - July 2
July Semester: July 13 - July 30
Classes meet Monday through Friday during the first two weeks of the semester and Monday through Thursday during the third week.

Cost: $160 per semester course

Course Offerings: Click here

NOW HIRING Summer School Instructors!

See Waubonsee's employment opportunities for more information about the Part-Time High School Summer Program Instructor position.

Contact Us

High School Summer Courses are organized through the High School Partnerships Center.

For more information, please contact us at (630) 466-2394.