Determining College Readiness

Course Placement
At Waubonsee, full-time students, students seeking a degree or certificate, and any part-time students taking an English or math course need to receive proper course placement in those subjects. You'll be placed into the appropriate English and math course based on one of these:

  • ACT scores (Don't forget, Waubonsee offers ACT prep courses to help you achieve your best score.) OR
  • Placement testing at Waubonsee  OR
  • Placement testing at another college OR
  • Previous college course work (dual credit, etc.)

Visit our Course Placement page for specific details about qualifying scores, testing procedures and test preparation tips.

Not College Ready?
If your test scores show that you're not quite ready for college-level course work, that's fine; you can still enroll at Waubonsee after high school graduation to get your higher education started. You can then build up your skills with courses in our developmental English and developmental math areas.