Other Credit Options

In addition to dual credit, high school students also have the option to earn college credit in other ways. 

Dual Enrollment
If you're a high school student taking a Waubonsee course for college credit only, you are a dual enrollment student. You will take the course at one of Waubonsee's four campuses or online and will pay the college's tuition and fees. Interested students should contact their High School Counselor and read more about Waubonsee's enrollment process for high school students.

Articulated Credit/VALEES
Several local high schools participate in the Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES). If your school does, you may be able to earn college credit for the occupational courses you take there, which is referred to as "articulated credit". This credit can only be recorded and used if you enroll at Waubonsee. See your High School Counselor, visit the VALEES website or read about Recording Credit at Waubonsee.