Self-Paced Open Entry Courses

Your couch is your classroom with Self-Paced Open Entry courses, which utilize videos, textbooks and study guides to guide your learning. These self-paced courses are even more geared toward independent learners than online courses, as there is no opportunity for interaction with fellow students. There is, however, an instructor assigned to the course to help you if you need it.

Students in these courses can work at their own pace, as long as they complete the required homework and/or exams by the end of the semester. Some tests also require proctoring and are taken at the Center for Learning Assessment.

Tuition and Registration
Like other credit courses, tuition for self-paced open entry courses is charged based on residency. There is an additional $35 class fee for self-paced open entry courses. The registration process is also the same as other credit courses, but students are able to enroll in these courses up until the middle of the semester. Students may be enrolled in a maximum of two self-paced open entry courses at a time. Upon receiving a final grade, a student is eligible to enroll in another self-paced open entry course. See the academic calendar for specific registration deadlines.

Viewing Options

DVDs: Sets of self-paced open entry course videos are available for rental in the Online Learning Office, if they are not available online. There is no fee for renting course videos. If you are unable to visit the campus, videos can be shipped to you. Contact the Online Learning Office for further details.

Online Viewing: The following self-paced open entry courses have videos available for viewing online or are purchased with the textbook.

  • BUS100.910 - Introduction to Business (with textbook)
  • ENG101.910 - First-Year Composition I
  • HIS112.910 - Western Civilization Since 1648
  • PHL120.910 - Introduction to World Religions
  • PSY100.910 - Introduction to Psychology (with textbook)
  • PSY205.910 - Life-span Psychology
  • PSY220.910 - Child Psychology

Your course syllabus will contain information on how to access the online videos.


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