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STEM degrees and classes

These are the degrees and classes offered and taught at Waubonsee Community College that would be considered STEM by the National Science Foundation.

These are the degrees and classes offered and taught at Waubonsee Community College that would be considered STEM by the National Science Foundation.

Here is a list of formalized degree's at Waubonsee that are STEM eligible.  Note that not all STEM disciplines have formalized degrees at Waubonsee, such as Geology and Astronomy.  You can still pursue any NSF STEM discipline at Waubonsee, and you would graduate with an A.S. degree.   


Here is a list of classes taught at Waubonsee that would be considered STEM by the NSF.

AST 100 Introduction to Astronomy
AST 105 Astronomy
AST 296 Topics/Issues for the Sciences

BIO 100 Introduction to Biology
BIO 101 Introduction to Biology Laboratory
BIO 102 Human Biology
BIO 103 Human Biology Laboratory
BIO 110 Environmental Biology
BIO 111 Environmental Biology Laboratory
BIO 120 Principles of Biology I
BIO 122 Principles of Biology II
BIO 200 Nutrition
BIO 250 Microbiology
BIO 260 Human Structure and Function
BIO 262 Neuro-musculoskeletal Systems
BIO 270 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 272 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 296 Special Topics/Biology

CHM 100 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 101 Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 102 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHM 103 Introduction to Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 121 General Chemistry
CHM 122 Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis
CHM 202 Biochemistry
CHM 231 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 232 Organic Chemistry II

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
CAD 100 Technical Drawing I
CAD 102 AutoCAD I
CAD 118 Technical Drawing II
CAD 120 AutoCAD II
CAD 122 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
CAD 240 Introduction to Parametric Modeling Using SolidWorks
CAD 241 Introduction to Parametric Modeling Using Inventor
CAD 242 Advanced Parametric Modeling Using SolidWorks
CAD 243 Advanced Parametric Modeling Using Inventor
CAD 270 Product Design and Development

Computer Information Systems
CIS 105 Introduction to Windows
CIS 106 PowerPoint and Publisher for Business
CIS 108 Comprehensive Word Processing
CIS 110 Business Information Systems
CIS 111 Introduction to Excel Spreadsheet
CIS 112 Comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet
CIS 113 Introduction to Access Database
CIS 114 Comprehensive Access Database
CIS 115 Introduction to Programming
CIS 116 Structured Program Design
CIS 120 VB.NET Programming
CIS 130 C++ Programming
CIS 136 Data Science Programming
CIS 142 JavaScript Programming
CIS 145 C#.NET Programming
CIS 150 Java Programming
CIS 170 Networking Essentials
CIS 173 Introduction to TCP/IP Internetworking
CIS 174 Wireless Local Area Networking
CIS 175 Windows Professional Administration
CIS 176 Windows Server Administration
CIS 180 Linux/UNIX Operating System
CIS 181 Introduction to Information Systems Security
CIS 185 Game Design
CIS 186 Game Development
CIS 202 Data Management
CIS 203 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 205 Information Technology Project Management
CIS 220 Advanced VB.NET, ASP.NET
CIS 230 Advanced Topics in C++ Programming
CIS 250 Advanced Java
CIS 252 Mobile Device Application Programming
CIS 261 PHP Web Server Programming
CIS 262 Advanced PHP
CIS 280 Linux/UNIX System Administration
CIS 296 Special Topics/Information Systems

Earth Science
ESC 100 Survey of Earth Science
ESC 101 Survey of Earth Science Laboratory
ESC 110 Climate and Global Change
ESC 120 Introduction to Meteorology
ESC 125 Severe and Unusual Weather
ESC 130 Introduction to Oceanography
ESC 296 Special Topics/Earth Science

Electronics Technology
ELT 101 Introductory Electronics
ELT 110 DC-AC Circuit Analysis
ELT 120 Introduction to Solid State Devices
ELT 235 Microprocessors
ELT 296 Special Topics/Electronics

EGR 101 Engineering Graphics
EGR 220 Analytical Mechanics – Statics
EGR 230 Analytical Mechanics – Dynamics
EGR 296 Topics/Issues for Engineering

GEO 120 World Regional Geography
GEO 121 Physical Geography
GEO 130 GIS and Mapping Principles
GEO 131 Geographic Information Systems I
GEO 132 Geographic Information Systems II
GEO 140 Geographic Information Systems III
GEO 200 Applications for Geographic Information Systems
GEO 210 GIS and Logistics Management
GEO 220 Geography of the Developing World
GEO 235 Human Geography
GEO 296 Special Topics in Geography

GLG 100 Introduction to Physical Geology
GLG 101 Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory
GLG 102 Historical Geology
GLG 103 Environmental Geology
GLG 120 Geology of the National Parks

Industrial Technology
IDT 230 Commercial Power Distribution and Lighting
IDT 250 Commercial and Residential Wiring
IDT 290 Industrial Technology Capstone
IDT 296 Special Topics for Industry
IDT 297, 298, 299 Industrial Technology Internship

MTH 101 College Mathematics
MTH 102 Applied Practical Math
MTH 103 Technical Mathematics
MTH 104 Business Mathematics
MTH 107 Basic Statistics
MTH 111 College Algebra
MTH 112 Plane Trigonometry
MTH 131 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I
MTH 132 Calculus with Analytical Geometry II
MTH 201 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MTH 202 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MTH 210 Finite Mathematics
MTH 211 Calculus for Business and Social Science
MTH 233 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III
MTH 236 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MTH 240 Differential Equations

PHY 103 Concepts of Physics
PHY 104 Concepts of Physics Laboratory
PHY 111 Introduction to Physics I
PHY 112 Introduction to Physics II
PHY 221 General Physics I
PHY 222 General Physics II
PHY 223 General Physics III

World Wide Web / Internet
WEB 110 Web Development with HTML
WEB 230 Web Authoring With Dreamweaver
WEB 250 Advanced Website Development