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What is STEM?

The definition of STEM used by this grant is that of the National Science Foundation.  Their definition is as follows:

Eligible disciplines are: biological sciences (except medicine and clinical fields), information systems, computer sciences, computer technologies, mathematics, materials science, engineering, physics, chemistry, earth sciences (geology, oceanography, astronomy or meteorology), and technology areas associated with the preceding fields (for example, biotechnology, chemical technology, engineering technology, information technology, etc.)

For the purposes of this scholarship, students who intend to concentrate in one of the above disciplines would be eligible. 

For the degrees offered at Waubonsee and the STEM classes taught at Waubonsee, please view our degrees and classes.

Many of these are taught by our NSF Faculty Mentors, who are listed below:

Name Title Phone

Amy Chaaban Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Nancy Christensen Instructor of Chemistry
Mark Crawford Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Amy Frankel Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Tracey Dosch Assistant Professor of Biology 630.466.2948
Danielle DuCharme Assistant Professor of Biology

Tim Moriarty

Instructor of Information Systems


Karl Schulze Assistant Professor of Earth Science
Maya Tolappa Assistant Professor of Information Systems
David Voorhees Associate Professor of Earth Science / Geology
Daniel Ward Professor of Biology

Check out these online resources for selected STEM fields: