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Timothy Borneman

"Evolution and Education"

Submitted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Education is one of the most valuable parts of our lives as humans. Through the process of attempting, learning from failure, and trying again, we evolve. Education helps us evolve as humans. And just like how we humans evolve, education evolves with us.

Being properly educated not only helps you live life to its fullest potential, but it helps you find your passion and plan your future. It separates us from all other forms of life. Today a college education is the difference between possibly obtaining your dream job, or being incredibly successful, and possibly living on the streets or with your parents, or working at a dead-end job. No other forms of life can educate themselves the way humans can. This is why we must take advantage of the opportunity given to us. Many may question if education in general, or a college education, is worth it. But going to college is what shapes you as a human and helps you further evolve and become yourself.

Just like how we evolve, education has evolved with us to make it more available for us. Every day politicians and different people work to make education more accessible because they understand how important it is. Whether it making tuition more affordable, or handing out larger and more scholarships, moves are being made to change the exclusivity of getting an education. For example, programs such as the Dunham Fund have made it possible for students with fewer opportunities to receive a college education. We are given the opportunity to chase our dreams and become whatever we want to be in life. Which to humans is our main goal.