Miguel Lara-Bueno

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Portrait of Miguel Lara-Bueno
Miguel Lara-Bueno

"Economy Embodies Education"

Submitted on Monday, September 12, 2016

College degrees and success have been the basis of this country's perspective on one's capability, or worth. Great performance is rewarded in many ways. For example, outstanding success at the high school level can allow one the chance to attend a high-end institution. Our economic status is also mainly derived from our educational experience. When comparing two candidates, if one has a more efficient and productive degree in terms of grades, that candidate will be the elected for the position.

Education is important to us as human beings because of the feeling of success that comes with completing a degree. The degree is able to open many doors and opportunities that were probably impossible without the degree. Maybe a fellow classmate has connections and is willing to aid you in your quest after college. Many lifetime rewards and memories are made during a collegiate term.

Lack of education will result in a communist-like atmosphere knowledge-wise. Everyone will know the same, basic essentials as everyone else. I feel as though this derails our advancements as a society. Education is not only there to inform, but to hopefully help discover the "next big thing.” Too many skills would be forgotten and go to waste if the information is not shared with other potential scholars.

With the limited time I have been with my fellow colleagues, I have been able to acknowledge their potential and see them a positive rival. This is the type of atmosphere education is meant to create. Competition brings out the best in everybody, no matter the platform.