Mahelet Bernal

Dunham Fund Quick Path Student Blog Entries

Portrait of Mahelet Bernal
Mahelet Bernal

"First Day as a College Student"

Submitted on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The clock ticked as I rushed to get everything ready for my first day as an official college student. I gathered my backpack, lunch and cup of coffee and ran past the door feeling as if my stomach was going to explode from moving so much. The minutes on my watch changed continuously as the drive seemed to never end. With my windows down, my music up, a jubilant smile on my face and the wind smashing my hair recklessly into my face, my first day of college was off to superb start.

With excitement in one hand and terror in the other, I reached for the door knob, opening slowly. A dozen pairs of eyes turned to me, but seeing my high school friend sitting in the seat next to the window, welcoming me with a smile, comforted me a little.

Classes went by quickly and sooner than I thought I was on my way home. As soon as I arrived, I searched for my laptop and looked for the homework. As I looked through my assignments the feeling of being overwhelmed invaded my body. Then, I took a second and embraced the homework. I was so fortunate to be able to be part of this dazzling program and I had so much to prove to myself. With my left hand on my mouse and my right on my pencil I finished my assignments for the night and promised myself to embrace the challenges that would build me up and turn me into the business woman I will become.