Joriaune Stewart

Dunham Fund Quick Path Student Blog Entries

Portrait of Joriaune Stewart
Joriaune Stewart

"One Life-Changing Opportunity"

Submitted on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Being accepted into the Dunham Fund Quick Path Program is one of the greatest opportunities and I’m forever grateful. My parents always tell me “I’m so proud of you & everything you’ve done”. I can tell by their voice and facial expressions that they are slightly envious of the fact that I got offered such a great opportunity. When the Dunham Fund Program was introduced to me, I read through everything and I knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. It wouldn’t only help me, but my parents as well. Being a part of a program that allows me to go to college with minimal expenses is an incredible opportunity.

Something I will never forget about this program is getting to spend an hour of the day eating lunch with all of my classmates and getting to know more about them. During this time, we have guest speakers as well, which is an equally as awesome chance to get to know more people. The best part of my college classes thus far is the selfie scavenger hunt we did in COL100. It was an interactive way of getting to know everyone, while learning the college campus. Not only do I want to remember all of the students and experiences from this program, but I also would like to remember the faculty and all the people it took to put this program together and start it up. Also, the amount of knowledge I will acquire throughout is something I will never forget and something I will put to use in many different aspects of my life.

Once I’m done with the Dunham Fund Program, I plan to transfer to a university and minor in business. The fact that I’ll already have an Associate’s Degree in business will only benefit my future that much more. I know that when I look back at this in 5 or 10 years, I will still be grateful of this unforgettable experience. I will never forget the people that I’m surrounded by during this program. They’re all unforgettable and I know that when I look back at this, I will see it as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m enjoying every bit of it thus far and I know I will continue to enjoy it.