Academic Programs

If you're looking to earn college credit to use toward a Certificate of Achievement, associate degree or bachelor's degree, look no further.

The Transfer Track
If you know you want to transfer your Waubonsee credits to a four-year university in order to earn a bachelor's degree, you'll want to explore our transfer degree programs. Our two most popular transfer degrees are the Associate in Arts (AA) and the Associate in Science (AS). Earning one of these degrees, which consist of both general education requirements and electives in your chosen area of concentration, will allow you to transfer to most colleges and universities as a junior.

Wanting to Work
If you're looking for workplace-relevant skills that can help you get a job in two years or less, our career education programs are your best choice. Both Certificates of Achievement and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees are offered in a variety of high-demand fields, including automotive technologybusiness, early childhood education, health care and more.

Explore Your Interests
Maybe you don't yet know if you'd prefer a transfer or career program, and that's ok. You can also start by simply exploring course disciplines that match your interests. View the complete listing of all the disciplines in which Waubonsee offers courses.

Other Opportunities
Our General Studies certificate and degree were designed for those students who want to pursue a broad educational credential rather than a specific transfer- or occupational-oriented program. Those students looking to broaden their worldview may be interested in our Study Abroad program, while high-achieving students may choose to challenge themselves in our Honors Program or as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) scholar. To give student real-world experience even before they enter the job market, many degree programs offer internship opportunities