Laboratory Technology

Laboratory technicians may spend most of their time indoors, but they make a big difference out in the world.

woman wearing goggles looks at substance in a glass tube while working in a lab

They help ensure that water is safe to drink and that the environment is safe for wildlife. They make medicine easier to swallow and candy more deliciously sour. They help engineers determine if an old bridge’s rusty metal is still strong enough to support traffic or if new metal is flexible enough to make an airplane wing. 

If you’re looking to do important work like this and have always enjoyed hands-on science courses, this growing career field may be for you. At Waubonsee, you can prepare for a variety of laboratory jobs in a variety of industries, including agriculture, consumer protection, environmental protection, food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. You’ll learn how to operate and maintain state-of-the-art lab instruments, order and inventory supplies, collect and handle samples, record and analyze test data, and run a safe lab environment. 

Waubonsee’s programs can help you secure an entry-level job, and with continuing education, you can move up in the field — all while working to move the world ahead.  

The lab tech program was developed with a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant from the Department of Labor. Displaced TAA workers are encouraged to enroll and can use their retraining funds.

Total grant award is $2,864,564.