Applied Microbiology (LBT 221)

4.0 Semester Hours

This course emphasizes laboratory techniques in microbiology and the role of microorganisms in industrial, commercial, or research laboratory settings. Topics include the types and roles of microorganisms in the environment, growth characteristics of microorganisms, control and prevention of microbial growth, and asurvey of industrial applications of microbiology including bioproduction, food microbiology, water microbiology, environmental microbiology, quality control, and biotechnology. In the laboratory portion of the course, students develop laboratory skills in handling, cultivation, and isolation of microorganisms, control of microbial growth through aseptic techniques as well as physical and chemical control methods, culture media preparation, microscopy, enumeration techniques, and identification methods. This course is not suitable for students majoring in biology or any health profession or clinical or medical lab science.

Recommended Prereq: BIO120 or industrial lab experience.

Prereq: LBT101.

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