Why study chemistry at Waubonsee?  There are a number of reasons, which begin with our modern, technologically advanced laboratories.  There are three state-of-the-art labs in the Science Building on the Sugar Grove Campus and a fourth lab at the Aurora Campus.

Waubonsee students get to use sophisticated instrumentation of the kind normally reserved for junior and senior level courses at universities.  This includes two Gas Chromatographs, two Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers, a High Performance Liquid Chromatography System and an Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrometer. During some experiments students collect real-time data using computers along with Vernier sensors and probes.

100-level chemistry courses may be used to fulfill the general education physical science requirement in many degrees, and these courses transfer to most universities. There are introductory courses in general chemistry and organic chemistry. Depending on the four-year bachelor's degree you are pursuing, you may want to take two semester of general chemistry or two semesters of organic chemistry.