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Speaking/Listening/Pronunciation III (ETP077)

3.0 Semester Hours

This course, designed for the high intermediate/advanced English language learner, stresses fluency and clarity in delivery of speeches as well as in various communicative activities. These may involve the preparation and presentation of reports, summaries, and persuasive speeches. Students are encouraged to use the vocabulary and grammatical structures appropriate to formal settings. Culturally appropriate subtleties such as body language are reviewed in order to maximize the efficacy of communication. Listening comprehension and lecture/note-taking skills are practiced and evaluated. Individual, pair, and group activities help students to discriminate between sounds, practice correct sounds, and correct target sounds based on Standard American English guidelines. Students compare their pronunciation of words and phrases to that of native speakers in the same contexts.

Recommended Prereq: ETP065; ETP069. Prereq: C or better in ETP067 or placement by assessment.

Recommended Coreq: ETP055, ETP065, or ETP075; ETP059, ETP069, or ETP079.

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