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Developmental Mathematics

Course Placement and Paths
In order to ensure you're in the right level for your skills, you'll need to go through course placement before enrolling in any math course. If you place into developmental math (any of the courses listed below), you'll have two paths to choose from in order to work your way into college-level math; the path you choose will be determined by your intended major/educational goal. For help in choosing the right course, view our Math Paths diagram, and talk to Admissions or Counseling.    

To be successful in advanced math, you need to have a strong foundation in the fundamentals. While they do not count toward a degree or certifcate, that's what developmental mathematics (under 100 level) courses offer. Review the basics and strengthen your skills with the following courses:

Developmental Math Paths

If you place into a developmental math course (below 100 level), you'll choose from one of two possible course paths, based on your intended major/educational goals. See our helpful diagram and talk to Admissions or Counseling for guidance.